Our exclusive daily lifestyle experience harmonizes the body, mind and spirit of our residents with a community of family and friends to serve them.

In our Memory Care community program, each day begins like the purposeful downstroke of a maestro’s baton, setting into balance our exclusive Symphony of Life® program. Acting like an elaborate musical score to bring harmony to every movement and activity of community life, Symphony of Life® is dedicated to enriching each Resident in body, mind and spirit, and throughout the entire community of family, friends, support services and more.

Our unique program is perfect for those experiencing cognitive impairment as it encourages and stimulates mental acuity, in addition to physical well-being. Each day’s Symphony of Life® “score” has been carefully arranged and rehearsed by our caring and highly-trained Staff to engage our Residents as they participate and function to their fullest potential.


Symphony of Life® is like a wonderful daily concert that can transcend the community, as it flows from a classical prelude to a stanza of smooth jazz. And while each day offers something new, we bend toward the comforts that naturally grow out of the routine. 

Serving Physical Health and Well-being Through

Balanced Diet | Nutrition
Engaging Life and Participation

A Vibrant Calendar of Daily Activities Opportunities for Physical Exercise

Peace of Mind

Elopement Protocol, Alarms, Cameras, Secure Units

Medication Management

Resident Memory Catcher, Stand Up Discussions

Social, Intellectual, Physical


Our Staff works closely with family members to develop a relationship of trust while helping their loved ones to stay connected to their own “life story” and to build on their unique abilities and strengths.

Promoting Brain Health by Engaging the Senses

Outdoor Walks, Van/Car Rides, Puzzles

Puzzles, Planting (indoor/Outdoor), Creative Arts, Feet in Pool, Pet Therapy

Variety on Menu, Food Texture/Temperature

Baking Cookies, Popping Corn, Trigger Aromas (Emotions/Thoughts)

Speakers, Music, Movies, Readings


Symphony of Life® pays tribute to the human spirit by providing many opportunities throughout each week for Residents to celebrate milestones and to reflect on the journey of life.

Opening Hearts Through

Faith-Based Expression
Meaningful Connections

Large Group, Small Group
Individual – Life Stations
Cultural – Holidays, Events
Nature – Kiss the Sun, Outdoor Walks
Personal – Life Story, One Day App, Memory Boxes, Birthday Celebrations


Never alone. We were born into families and embrace the benefits of living in community with others. We help Residents to foster new relationships and to stay connected with their cherished loved ones.

Sharing Life Through

Family and Friends
Invite to Socials and Events Community Newsletter Caregiving Support Group

Memory Support
Respite Care
Hospice/End of Life
Referral Services

“The warmth of the approach and the steady dependability of the staff gave us the confidence we were hoping to find. We finally felt at ease.”
Tom and Mary Kinkaid