Career Pathways with Senior Living Training and Development

May 2, 2024 | Blogs

A mark of a thriving company is a team that is looking to grow. What sets companies apart is their initiatives to provide those opportunities for training and development. For four years in a row, 12 Oaks Senior Living has been certified as a Great Place to Work. In 2023, 92% of 12 Oaks’ team members reported that they felt their work had special meaning and 88% felt that they made a difference. At 12 Oaks, we believe in investing into our residents and team members alike. The work culture at 12 Oaks’ corporate office and communities thrive on fostering upward mobility for every team member. To give an insider’s perspective, we sat down with Steve Nguyen, Learning and Development Director, and Rebecca Cline, Finance Manager, to share their experiences with training and development at 12 Oaks.

Facilitating Growth and Development

Providing training for team members is a long term investment. In a company the size of 12 Oaks, there are ever changing needs, which create plenty of opportunities for team members to switch roles and move upward. However, we want to ensure that our teams are equipped for the new roles that are made available to them. That’s why we intentionally offer training opportunities to maintain our commitment to promoting from within.

Internal Promotions

We believe in recognizing and nurturing talent from within, empowering individuals to advance and reach their career aspirations. Whether you are starting as a caregiver, a member of the administrative staff, or a healthcare professional, we provide ongoing training and personalized development plans to support your growth.

12 Oaks is committed to promoting from within and offers numerous opportunities for career progression, enabling you to climb the ladder and take on more challenging and fulfilling roles. Your dedication, hard work, and commitment to our core values will be rewarded with a fulfilling career trajectory that aligns with your ambitions, ensuring you make a lasting impact on our residents’ lives and our communities’ success.

Rebecca recalled her journey to where she is today by sharing that “In the time that I’ve been in 12 Oaks, I’ve witnessed, and been part of a team that has been developed. I started with cross-training, in the accounting department and being able to be promoted as positions became available because of the cross training that I had had. I’ve also had leadership coaching and professional and personal growth, as well as continuing my education with conferences, training and also getting my MBA.” 12 Oaks offers opportunities for team members to not only grow professionally, but offers the flexibility to also take on personal development projects.

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Training Initiatives 

Steve shared that “At 12 Oaks, we believe in having the mindset to support our people’s growth and development, keeping this top of mind as we create programs, initiatives, and being thoughtful in designing these programs, while also ensuring that we actually execute on these plans.” 

Reports show that 41% of surveyed employees in other companies plan to leave their job in 2024 due to lack of training and development. That’s why our training programs are created with employee growth in mind. We believe this investment benefits both us as a company and our teams. We see these initiatives as a way to improve retention and lower attrition rates, which is attractive to potential team members. By investing into current team members, we are able to give them an opportunity to grow without having to leave, which creates new opportunities for new prospects to fill in their place. 

These trainings include but aren’t limited to: IMPACT training, Trifecta training, RVP training, and more. From e-learning to in person training, 12 Oaks team members have plenty of opportunities to grow.

Aaron Catoe, Senior Vice President of Operations at 12 Oaks Senior Living discusses strategy in a meeting

The Values and Benefits of Working at 12 Oaks

When working at 12 Oaks, you not only get to experience incredible professional development, but you also gain access to a culture that promotes overall quality of life when you come into work. We operate under 4 core values: Character, Competency, Stewardship, and Servanthood that guide our every move to ensure working at 12 Oaks is the best experience possible for our team members. With a “people-first” approach, we aim to instill values and a strong culture throughout every community, regardless of location, leaving a lasting impact.

The Core Values of 12 Oaks

The core values of 12 Oaks are as follows: Character, Competency, Stewardship, and Servanthood. Steve comments that he loves the values of 12 Oaks adding that “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t see folks actually living out these values.” Our values trickle down from the top to influence every area of operation at 12 Oaks and then flows into how we interact with clients and residents. Working at 12 Oaks means joining a team that is best in class as trusted partners, and to make this possible every value has to be on full display at all times. We have a professional and ethical standard of excellence as a result of not just training our team to display the values, but also to love the values. These make up the foundation from which our people-first culture is built on.

Benefits for Peace of Mind

Surveyed employees in other companies revealed that only 48% believed their employers cared about their well being. 12 Oaks offers a comprehensive range of benefits designed to support team member well-being and growth. From competitive salaries to opportunities for advancement, we aim to ensure our team feels cared for and secure. We believe in investing in our team, which enables them to provide exceptional care and service to our residents. We know the value in caring for the people who make 12 Oaks possible. So with the help of Chief People Officer, Melissa Labor, we are bringing a unique blend of collaboration, insightful perspectives, strategic thinking, and creative talents to align business and people needs. That’s why our benefits include:

• Medical, dental, and vision insurance
• Captive medical insurance with no deductible or co-pay options
• Life and disability insurance
• Employee assistance programs
• 401(k) benefits with match
• Tuition reimbursement

We want our team to know that they are cared for inside 12 Oaks and out. By providing a strong benefits package, we want our team to be able to know they have a safety net for different life situations, which allows them to come into work with peace of mind and focus.

Lori Jones, Chief Operating Officer at 12 Oaks Senior Living takes part in a conversation

Thrive in a Rewarding Career Path With Purpose

Steve shared that “I’ve never seen a company that supports the growth and development of their employees like I’ve witnessed here.” 12 Oaks Senior Living exemplifies a commitment to fostering growth, development, and a supportive culture for its team members. Through robust training initiatives, internal promotion opportunities, and a dedication to core values, 12 Oaks ensures that our employees have the tools and support needed to thrive both personally and professionally. By offering a comprehensive benefits package, the company demonstrates its care for the well-being and security of its team members, further enhancing the overall employee experience. With a people-first approach and a focus on making a meaningful impact, 12 Oaks Senior Living continues to set itself apart as a truly great place to work. Come join our team!