Words from a 12 Oaks Senior Living Resident

Jan 9, 2024 | Blogs


handwritten letter from a 12 Oaks Senior Living residentRosefield Court, a 12 Oaks Senior Living community in Port Arthur, recently received a heartfelt letter from a new resident. His words moved both our community and corporate teams and reminded us all of why we create senior living communities for residents to thrive. The resident notes the warm and appreciative reception experienced, highlighting a genuine sense of welcome.

The resident highlights the respectful and understanding treatment received, emphasizing the attentive and laughter-filled interactions with team members. He writes, “Here at Rosefield Court, we residents are treated with respect and understanding.” While following a daily routine, there is an overarching atmosphere of relaxation. He describes the common areas and private rooms as light, airy, and inviting, contributing to an overall positive living environment. Concluding with gratitude, the resident expresses confidence in Rosefield Court being the ideal place for him. 

This letter encapsulates the essence of a thriving, supportive community that 12 Oaks Senior Living strives to create. Solutions-Consultant, Amy Hoster, praises Regional Vice President, Chase Thomas, for his work in this community saying, “Chase has cultivated such a warm and loving spirit in the communities I have been able to meet. Each one is better than the one before it. I am so proud to work with this team.” This is all made possible by our team being rooted in our Core Values of Character, Competency, Stewardship, and Servanthood. These stand as our guiding light for our mission to help seniors thrive in community.