Senior Living Careers: Join a High-Touch Management Team

Dec 18, 2023 | Blogs

Senior living careers at 12 Oaks Senior Living offer the promise of professional growth and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of residents. This is made possible by a high-touch management model where active community involvement, close collaboration with the entire team, and serving as a valuable resource converge to elevate daily operations for the betterment of both team members and residents. This model allows for an enriching and fulfilling career path for those eager to contribute to the well-being of seniors and the vitality of the community at large. Let’s explore the advantages of working for a high-touch management operator in both corporate and community settings.



What is High-Touch Management?

High Touch Management Model: Being actively involved in our communities, working closely with a Regional Vice President and team, and serving as a resource to help facilitate daily operations to improve the team and residents.12 Oaks’ commitment to being actively present in each of our communities fosters a sense of connection and engagement that goes beyond routine tasks, creating an environment where team members and residents thrive. By actively participating in the daily operations of the community, high-touch management at 12 Oaks ensures a holistic and enriching professional experience. Working for a high-touch senior living operator is an ideal choice for those seeking a career path that combines professional growth with a genuine contribution to the well-being of seniors.

The high-touch management model revolves around being a dynamic and responsive leader within our senior living communities and workplaces. 12 Oaks Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs) are active in each community, providing support and guidance. This approach not only involves working closely with the entire team but also positions individuals as valuable resources, ensuring the seamless facilitation of daily operations. The emphasis on improving both the team and residents speaks to the holistic nature of this model, where success is measured not just in operational efficiency but also in the overall well-being of the community. Whether in 12 Oaks corporate or community settings, the advantages of working for a high-touch management operator are evident in the positive impact on the lives of seniors and the career growth of team members.

Advantages of High-Touch Management

Working for a high-touch management operator comes with a myriad of advantages that contribute to a fulfilling and rewarding career. One notable benefit is the emphasis on succession planning, a strategic approach that provides the opportunity to transition into leadership roles within 12 Oaks. This commitment to identifying and nurturing talent from within not only provides stability for the community but also offers team members a clear path to professional growth. Kelli Sawyer, Director of Accounting at 12 Oaks, attests to this by stating, “A lot of my team started at communities. 12 Oaks is big on promoting from within.” 12 Oaks is dedicated to fostering the development of its team members and promoting a culture of upward mobility.



In addition to succession planning, high-touch management at 12 Oaks provides extra leadership opportunities for its team members. This commitment to offering diverse leadership roles allows individuals to expand their skill sets, take on new challenges, and contribute to the overall success of the community. Many team members have risen through the ranks within 12 12 Oaks, which showcases a culture that values internal talent and actively invests in the professional growth of its workforce. By providing extra leadership opportunities, high-touch management not only benefits the individual team members but also creates a dynamic and resilient organizational structure that is well-prepared for future challenges and successes.

Upward Mobility in Senior Living Careers

12 Oaks prides itself on promoting team members during their tenure. Many corporate leaders began their journey in 12 Oaks communities, such as Erika Robledo, Human Resource Manager. Erika joined 12 Oaks in 1999, at the age of 16, working as a Server. Her mom was the Food Services Director at the time and encouraged Erika to apply for a summer job at 12 Oaks. Erika grew in her career and was promoted to Business Office Manager at the community saying, “I took opportunities as they came along.” She was then offered a Staff Accountant position at 12 Oaks Senior Living corporate office. Erika reflected back on that time saying, “It was really hard to leave the community because of the connection I had with the residents and the staff. But I realized I was still within 12 Oaks and I can still be there for the residents.”



A career in senior living at 12 Oaks is a unique and enriching journey, guided by the principles of high-touch management. This distinctive approach, characterized by active community involvement and close collaboration with the entire team, creates an environment where both team members and residents thrive. 12 Oaks’ emphasis on succession planning further solidifies its dedication to the growth and development of its team members, exemplified by the inspiring stories of individuals like Kelli Sawyer and Erika Robledo, who started their careers within the 12 Oaks community and rose through the ranks. Senior living careers at 12 Oaks are not just jobs but a transformative and purpose-driven journey where professionals find fulfillment and grow roots to develop their futures.