Management Specialists: 3 Steps to Successful Operations

Nov 9, 2023 | Blogs

Management Specialists: 3 Steps to Successful Operations

Approaching senior living communities in need of a turnaround involves facing the challenges they encounter and providing practical solutions. From staffing shortages to the ongoing quest to provide exceptional care, these communities navigate a complex maze of hurdles on a daily basis. However, within these challenges lies a unique opportunity for transformation, and at the forefront of this endeavor stands 12 Oaks Senior Living. Let’s explore the critical steps that we use to turn senior living communities into success stories.

Comprehensive Community Assessment: A Vital Step in Successful Operations

Before any journey toward success begins, understanding the lay of the land is essential, and the same holds true for senior living communities. The first crucial step is conducting a comprehensive assessment. Often with the help of 12 Oaks Solutions, this multifaceted process involves a deep dive into various facets of the community’s operations. 


Identify Operational Issues

These issues can range from staffing challenges to regulatory compliance concerns, and their consequences ripple through the community, ultimately affecting residents, team members, and their families.

Impact They Have

It’s essential to recognize the profound impact these issues have on residents’ quality of life, the well-being of dedicated team members, and the peace of mind of concerned families. Addressing these issues is not just a matter of operational efficiency; it’s a commitment to enhancing lives.

Emphasize Urgency

Furthermore, this assessment emphasizes the urgency of addressing these challenges. The need for change becomes apparent as the assessment uncovers areas in need of immediate improvement, pushing the community towards a path of positive transformation.

Coupled with data analysis, this step lays the groundwork for identifying operational gaps and areas ripe for improvement

Develop a Turnaround Strategy: Tailoring Success

12 Oaks approaches the second step by developing a well-devised strategy with the goal of breathing new life into a community.

Establish Clear Operational Goals and Objectives

Establishing clear, achievable goals and objectives is paramount. These become the guiding stars, illuminating the path to revitalization. Whether it’s enhancing resident satisfaction or boosting staff morale, these goals shape the course of action.

Identify Key Areas for Immediate Attention

Within the senior living community, certain areas often require immediate attention and improvement. These could be identified through stakeholder feedback, data analysis, or a combination of both. Swift action in these areas can set the momentum for broader positive changes.

Create a Customized Action Plan

No two communities are alike, and the challenges they face are equally unique. Hence, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t suffice. Tailoring a turnaround strategy that addresses the specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the community is vital. This plan should encompass a series of actionable steps, timelines, and responsibilities, ensuring everyone is aligned and accountable. Our Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs) lead and guide the creation of this strategy to promote financial stability and enhance resident experience and satisfaction.

Leverage Technology: The Key to Senior Living Operations

In the age of advancement, embracing technology has become a cornerstone for operational success. 

12 Oaks management team discussing business

Onboard Software Solutions

12 Oaks utilizes a proactive, relationship-based leasing system called Aline​ to effectively manage resident leads through to placement. Aline isn’t just software; it’s a transformational tool. Implementing this innovative solution enables the community to streamline various aspects of operations seamlessly. From optimized workflows to efficient resident care, Aline sets the stage for more effective and streamlined operations.

Enhance Resident Experience

Beyond operational efficiency, innovation is harnessed to enrich the lives of our residents. 12 Oaks onboards innovative approaches that ensure a superior resident experience, from personalized engagement to cutting-edge healthcare technologies that empower residents to lead fulfilling lives in our communities.

Improve Efficiency and Data Management

Aline allows for better decision-making by providing real-time insights and analytics, enabling informed choices that impact not only operations but also the well-being of our residents.

Successful operational turnaround is the linchpin for unlocking the true potential of senior living communities. We’ve underscored how it directly impacts the lives of residents, team members, and their families. At 12 Oaks Senior Living, we remain steadfast in our commitment to revolutionizing the care and services provided to seniors, putting character, competency, stewardship, and servanthood at the heart of everything we do. As pioneers in the industry, we invite and encourage our partners to prioritize operational excellence and embrace continuous improvement, collectively steering the senior living sector toward a brighter and more compassionate future for all. Together, let’s redefine the standard of care and elevate the quality of life for our beloved seniors.

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