LOVE & DISCIPLINE: The Missing Leadership Blend in Senior Living

Dec 21, 2022 | Blogs

This eBook was created by the Senior Living Think Tank. The Think Tank is a group of senior living leaders brought together by James Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Bella Groves, a membership based dementia care and training organization based in San Antonio, Texas. Bella Groves includes a Memory Care Facility and Dementia Care and Support Organization based in San Antonio, TX.

This eBook was the culmination of 2.5 days of focused work meant to help the industry train and recognize leaders. eBook authors include: Rebecca Cline, 12 Oaks Senior Living; James Lee, CEO and Co-founder of Bella Groves; Monte Pedersen, The CDA Group, LLC. Kim Rosengren, Markentum.

We care. We are in the business of care. We care about the people within our business.

These are standard-issued acknowledgments that most leaders of the senior living industry make when stepping into their charge. Could the principal ingredient of our profession’s specialness also be our Achilles heel? While words and the vaguely supported leadership concepts of passion, care, and love are ubiquitous in how we advise leaders to be servants, the cold hard truth is that our industry struggles in effective leadership…