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Apr 26, 2023 | Blogs

Our turn key solutions provide communities with a unique five step approach to resolve day-to-day management challenges with high touch community management, Solutions consulting, leadership development, marketing strategy, and Prospect-Centered Selling. The transition of entrusting processes and systems to a senior living management company may sound daunting, but this is an everyday practice for 12 Oaks Senior Living. This approach, coupled with the goal to build relationships and a history of maximizing profits, delivers a distinct competitive advantage that will elevate and transform your communities.5 Steps to Resolve Day-to-Day Management Challenges - 12 Oaks Senior Living

Turn Key Solution #1 – High-Touch Community Management

Senior living is about people – community owners, team members, residents, families, prospects, vendors, and more. Managing this intricate network demands countless hours and in-depth knowledge to be successful. 12 Oaks delivers an integrated, streamlined and quick response management model, empowering us to stay attuned to the needs of our portfolio communities and to react quickly to any request, challenge and opportunity.Greg Puklicz Quote - 12 Oaks Senior Living - 2

To provide optimal service, 12 Oaks delivers an integrated, streamlined and quick response high-touch management model, empowering management to stay attuned to the needs of our portfolio communities and to react quickly to any request, challenge and opportunity. The hallmark of this model is the personalized focus supported by a limited geographic reach. The 12 Oaks model assigns a Regional Vice President of Operations to each community.

Regional Vice Presidents - 12 Oaks Senior Living

The experienced RVP spends more time with each community, becoming an expert in the day-to-day operations of the community as well as in the local market. Aaron Catoe, Senior Vice President of Operations at 12 Oaks, says RVPs invest their time “Through weekly calls on how to interpret reports, how to develop strategy, seeing where favorable and unfavorable variances are observed, and talking about the competency of how to write those variances.” We limit the number of communities in a local geographical area and support those communities with 12 Oaks Solutions-Consultants.

Turn Key Solution #2 – Solutions Consulting

12 Oaks offers solutions developed specifically for the optimal business performance of a senior living community. Our Solutions Consultants lead the way in optimizing leasing, memory care, contract employment, training, licensing, and financial services. They breathe life into stagnant processes that are under-performing. Their unique set of skills give you easy access to quick solutions. Solutions-Consultants have an industry-proven track record of transforming underperforming senior living properties.

Turn Key Solution #3 – Leadership Development

As the industry grows over the next decade, acquiring and maintaining well trained and competent staff will be an increasing challenge. 12 Oaks proactively teamed up with Capacity Leadership Center to develop our IMPACT training program to cultivate and develop leaders at our managed communities. The program has a focus on two key core values: competency and character. The development in these key areas results in a culture that drives attraction, retention and engagement of employees and residents.

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Turn Key Solution #4 – Marketing Strategy

12 Oaks directs community marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness based on each community’s local market. Strategies include: dynamic websites, search engine optimization, engaging social media, digital content marketing, marketing automation, behavioral targeting and traditional campaigns. How are your communities capturing and nurturing leads? Are they equipped to handle the leads? We can evaluate your marketing strategy to increase the likelihood your leads will convert to sales.

One example of this was a 105-unit assisted living and memory care community in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma suffering from a slow lease-up trajectory in an overbuilt market under previous management. Upon enlisting our services, the senior living community occupancy was 55%. A year later, under 12 Oaks leadership, the community achieved 88% occupancy.

Turn Key Solution #5 – Prospect-Centered Selling

When making life-changing decisions, people need helpers who empathize with their uncertainty and guide them toward a solution. The Sherpa CRM is a technology solution that empowers leasing counselors to intuitively help prospects step-by-step through the emotional obstacles they face when trying to make a senior living decision. Our team increased the inquiry to move-in ratio of a large, independent living, assisted living and memory care community in Longview, Texas to 23% compared to the industry average of 12-15%.

Our turn key solutions lead the way to smarter business. Partner with 12 Oaks to increase NOI, move-in ratios, and occupancy for your senior living communities. Greg Puklicz, President of 12 Oaks, said it best, “What I’ve really enjoyed with Senior Living is seeing the real impact you can have on people’s lives, the residents, and it’s not just about renting an apartment or retail space or selling a building lot. It’s about creating communities.”

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