Careers With Purpose: Building a Culture of Care

Jun 13, 2023 | Blogs

At 12 Oaks Senior Living, we believe in careers with purpose. We are not just a management company; we are dedicated to building a culture of care. Our team is driven by the shared mission of making a positive difference in the lives of our residents and their families. Whether a caregiver, nurse, Executive Director or part of our support staff, every role at 12 Oaks plays a vital part in delivering exceptional care and enriching the lives of those we serve. We foster an environment where character, competency, stewardship, and servanthood are the foundations of our work and give us purpose. We also provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities to ensure our team members feel empowered and equipped. Let’s hear from team members whose journey with 12 Oaks led them to growing professionally and becoming passionate about senior living.

We are rooted and established in our core values: character, competency, stewardship, and servanthood.

Kelli Sawyer: Building A Career In Character & Competency

Kelli’s story is a shining example of the career growth and development that is possible at 12 Oaks. Over 18 years ago, Kelli embarked on her journey with 12 Oaks as the Business Office Manager at one of our senior living communities. Her strong work ethic and dedication to 12 Oaks’ core values propelled her to excel in her role.

In 2006, Kelli’s potential was recognized, and she transitioned to the 12 Oaks Corporate office as a Staff Accountant. Since then, she has continuously grown in her career, taking on more responsibilities and expanding her expertise. Today, she holds a pivotal role as she oversees all the accounting staff and functions, as well as Treasury and IT. Her specialization lies in financial reporting, SOX compliance, Yardi maintenance, and implementation.

"I grew up here. 12 Oaks made me who I am." - Kelli SawyerWe are proud to have a culture that values and nurtures the growth of our team members. As Kelli states, “I grew up here. 12 Oaks made me who I am.” At 12 Oaks, we believe in providing our employees with the tools, resources, and support they need to flourish professionally and personally. We actively encourage and prioritize promoting from within, recognizing the immense talent and potential within our organization. As Kelli points out, many members of her team also began their journey at communities, highlighting our commitment to fostering career growth opportunities for our employees.

Kelli’s story is not the only unique one to 12 Oaks. Read how Erika Robledo began with 12 Oaks at a community, in a variety of roles, and is now leading a team.

Erika Robledo: Guided in Stewardship & Servanthood

Erika’s inspiring journey exemplifies her commitment to character, competency, stewardship, and servanthood. Since joining 12 Oaks in 1999, Erika has embraced various roles, including Business Office Manager at one of our senior living communities. In 2014, she transitioned to the 12 Oaks Corporate office, where she became a Human Resource Generalist. Erika’s leadership skills shone through as she fearlessly stepped up during the HR Manager’s absence, capably fulfilling the responsibilities.

Although it was difficult for Erika to leave the community due to her deep connection with the residents, she recognized that she was still an integral part of 12 Oaks and could continue making a difference. As she explains, “There is no other industry I would rather work in than senior living. It’s part of my life.” Erika’s passion for her work is evident as she adds, “I was 16 when I started. This is my life. This is my heart.”

Working closely with seniors at the communities has provided Erika with invaluable experiences and purpose. She cherishes the opportunity to hear their stories, listen to their childhood memories, and learn about their adventures. This aspect of her role has enriched her personal life as well, deepening her connections with her own family and grandparents. Erika emphasizes, “Being able to see that at a young age, I’ve learned a lot.”

At 12 Oaks, we not only prioritize professional growth but also foster an environment where individuals can develop personally and make meaningfulErika Robledo, 12 Oaks, HR Human Resources Managerconnections so they can live out their purpose. Erika’s story reflects our commitment to providing opportunities for upward mobility while embodying our core values.

Build a Career With Purpose Today

We believe that when our team members thrive, our residents and communities benefit as well. Our team’s shared mission of making a positive difference in the lives of our residents and their families is what gives us purpose. Kelli and Erika are inspiring examples of how their experiences in the communities created a passion for senior living and propelled them towards upward mobility.

Join us at 12 Oaks, and become a part of an organization that not only values your contributions but also offers a pathway for you to reach new heights in your career.